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September 2019


Dear Classmates:


I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.


This is the first dues request of the class fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 – our 25th Year!  Even if you think you previously paid through our Five Year Plan, please check our class website to make sure you are still covered.


The other class officers and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our classmates (next page) who have paid their dues each of the past 24 years without missing a single year.  Their consistency has provided the financial foundation for all of our class activities.  If you wish to join this annual list by paying unpaid dues, please send me an email, and I will let you know your dues status.


The class officers would also like to thank all of our classmates who donated almost $5,000 last year to the Summer Service Fund.  Earnings on this endowment along with your continued support allowed us to provide over $5,000 in grants each year.  These grants, however, do not cover all the expenses of the recipients.  The leaders of the Summer Service Fund hope one day to be able to fund fully all of the winning proposals.


In order to fulfill your fiscal duty to our class, simply circle either the one-year or the discounted five-year box on the dues card, fill out any personal/anecdotal information and send your check for either $50.00 or $195.00, respectively, to the Princeton Class of 1995.  Whether or not you owe dues this year, everyone is also encouraged to send a donation to the Summer Service Fund.  Alternatively, you can visit the class website ( to pay all dues or contributions by credit card. Our class dues are tax-deductible and any contribution you make should be reported on your tax returns. 


Thank you in advance for your contribution to our Class Treasury.




Adam Lichtenstein ’95

Alumni Class Treasurer






Class Dues can now be paid directly to the Class of 1995 through our secure dues payment system.  To check the status of your dues payments or to make a dues payment, click here



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